A Few Practical Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Dec 15, 2020

Lexi Edwards

Students encounter various academic writing tasks during the course time. One of the common tasks is writing essays. Students should write a strong debatable thesis and support it with appropriate evidence. Besides, the produced paper should be free of errors. Even a single mistake in the paper can ruin the academic marks. So, every student thinks to write an essay better than the previous one. However, many students cannot craft a high-quality assignment. They fail to present their ideas and thoughts in a meaningful way because of poor writing skills. Some students take essay writing service help as it’s the smart and reasonable option available online. In case you want to improve your essay writing skills, then here is a write up that will discuss a few practical ways of improving your skills. So, follow these tips and make your paper impressive and more bearable to read for the audience.

Read a lot and actively- One best way to improve your essay writing skills is to read, read, and read. But what? Well, try to read different types of essays. Now, when you are reading, do pay attention to what you are reading, like the style, language, vocabulary, grammar, structure, and more. So that you can use them when writing essays. And whenever you have an essay to write on a specific topic, try to read some samples on the topics. Thus, you can use them as a template to craft your essay. For samples, you can reach out to any reliable essay writing company.

Gain basic grammar knowledge- If you want your paper to be understood by everyone, then use grammar appropriately in the paper as it’s essential. Before you start writing the essay, make sure you have strong basic grammar knowledge like verbs, pronoun usage, how to create meaningful sentences, proper articles, and more. Besides, pay attention to common punctuation marks. Know when to add a comma and a period in the sentence. Apart from grammar, passive, and active voice knowledge is also important. Try to use active voice more. Use passive voice only when required. It will help you to make the tone stronger.

Know your interest- When you search on the internet for essay topics, you will find numerous topics that are good for writing assignments. However, not every topic interests you. So, don’t select any topic. Instead, pick a topic that interests you as it will help you stay motivated.

Use the words appropriately- When writing an academic paper, you should use the words appropriately. Don’t use big or complex words that are hard to pronounce or understand. If you don’t know the meanings of a word, don’t use it. You may be at risk of using it incorrectly. You can make use of a dictionary to find meanings if required.

Write more- Usually, students receive short essays, long essays, timed essays, and others to write. They are common ones. So write a lot but with a purpose. Don’t simply write. Moreover, writing will help you present your ideas in a meaningful way. Besides, it helps you know that essays have structures that everyone should follow when writing an academic paper.

Ask or get feedback- If you have written a short essay, ask someone for feedback on it. Develop the habit of giving feedback for your work or asking for feedback. The person will tell you the mistakes or advice you. Consider their suggestion or advice. It will help you make your paper flawless and presentable. Thus, help you improve your writing skills.


These are a few tips that can help students to improve academic essay writing skills. Just follow them and notice the change in your writing style. If necessary, take essay writing service help online.

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