Analyzing the Case Study: 6 Steps to Examine the Issue & Get a Solution!

Mar 22, 2021

Millie Mowry

Final year students have a lot more on their shoulders, and on top of that, they get academic tasks to analyze, research, and write. This makes them seek case study help online services as they have expert writers who can perform this work without any hesitation.

These professional writers have the ability to think critically and answer every problem with an appropriate solution, which is the most difficult task. Many students get stuck when it comes to the analysis of a case study.

That’s why the experts are here with all the steps helpful to examine the main problem of the case study.

4 Steps to Analyze the Issue of a Case Study

The steps suggested by the Programming Assignment Help experts to analyze the case involves are as follows:

A. Defining the Issue(s)

Read the topic of the case study and think of the reflected point. The problem statement should address precisely- what needs to be highlighted with a clear and concise statement.

Find the answer to the following questions to find the exact issue.

  • How to know what is the main problem?
  • What are the issues that need to be addressed immediately?
  • What is the difference between importance and urgency for the issues identified?

B. Analyzing the Case Data

Find the answer to the following questions to analyze the case data.

  • Why or how did these problems occur?
  • Who is affected most by these problems?
  • What are the constraints and opportunities implicit in this situation?
  • What do the numbers tell you?

C. Generating Alternatives

With this section, you will learn different ways of resolving the problems.

1. It will be very easy to find various alternatives. But you have to make sure that those alternatives are realistic and fit within the constraints of the situation.

2. Decisions should be made early. This section helps in making good decisions, as imperfect information can create a bad decision.

D. Selecting Decision Criteria

The main criteria of decision-making should be in bullets points preferably, such as:

  • Retain affability
  • Improve profitability
  • Adequate risk parameters
  • Minimize environmental impression
  • Achieve the security or speed
  • Present resources and skills
  • Employee assurance, protection, or turnover
  • Boost sales, market share, or return on investment
  • Manage customer satisfaction and corporate image
  • Consistency among the corporate mission or procedure

The profit is measurable, at least to the point of comparison. For example, alternative A will improve profitability more than alternative B.

You should be related to your problem statement and alternatives in your writings.

These are the ways that can take you to the main problem of a case study. When it comes to too much stress and struggle, the students reach the best case study help in Australia, which you can also consider.

Hope, after reading this article, you will be able to analyze your case study problem without any confusion.


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