Anger Management

Oct 26, 2019

Laura McShane

Cloth Lullaby

The Woven Life of Louise Bourgeois by Amy Novesky and pictures by Isabelle Arsenault.

Share this book with your teen students.

The story alludes to the anger Louise Bourgeois carried for her father.

Women, especially, are not given an outlet for their anger. I remember seeing Maman and Louise Bourgeois' spiders, when I was in my late teens, and vividly feeling her anger through these sculptures.

Art is an outlet. There are many ways to channel our emotions. When I am angry - I go to the river, too.


I seek refuge in the forest of the Cuyahoga Valley.
Yesterday, I found this little outlet of sanity:



And, I acquired this spider as a reminder to channel my own anger into art.


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