Around the World Dance Party

Jul 25, 2018

Laura McShane

Today we celebrated our summer reading club progress with a dance party led by Valerie Salstrom of Get Hep Swing. She brought some of her seasoned students and we explored dance traditions from Mozambique, the Czech Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico and New York City.

Valerie has mentored students in our Cleveland neighborhood for more than ten years and some of her proteges, like Cyle and Alexis, have gone on to travel the world and perform in international competitions.

Here is Cyle with Alexis in 2017 and Alexis with Jermain in 2016. The smile on Jermaine's face says it all!

Today, in tune with this year's Camp Wonderopolis theme, the kids also explored musical styles like the polka and salsa. It was a beautiful day to learn about cultures from around the world.


P1100434.JPGMap shows places from around the world where dancers have travelled from to Cleveland, Ohio - for the annual All Balboa Festival.


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