Eclipse Nerds

Aug 4, 2017

Lisa Silmser

I'm a mom and I'm a teacher. This means that I walk a very fine line between being a huge champion for learning and inspiring my children or ruining them completely by turning every minor thing into a Hunter lesson plan. Over the summer this is especially challenging because I am starved for teaching opportunities and my children are a captive audience. Oh the trials of being a teacher's kid!

August 21, 2017 offers me an opportunity to be a cool mom and to geek out a bit as a teacher. The total solar eclipse craze has hit our house and since we live outside of the full viewing path, we're going on a road trip! I beefed up my science knowledge by reading Wonder of the Day #1658 "What's the Difference between a Solar and Lunar Eclipse", bought a few items on Amazon (road trip activity book, special eclipse viewing glasses, Unicorn over the Eclipse t-shirts) and booked the hotel in the thrilling town of York, Nebraska. Did you know that hotels in the path of the eclipse have been sold out for months?

We'll hit the road (7 hours from MN to NE), stopping at kitchy Americana tourist spots along the way. What my children won't know, is that their mama will be getting her fill of educational moments while making great family memories. A total solar eclipse is definitely worth at little extra effort.


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