Family Fun: Capture Summer Digitally

Aug 23, 2017

Carol Varsalona

Summertime is a favorite season to enjoy outdoor life with your family.

Whether it is a vacation or just time together, families have made outdoor entertainment a favorite pastime for centuries.


Above: Photo card of children for a stereopticon (Victorian slide projector)

Why not place a different twist on summer vacations? => Unplug and "Let Nature Be Your Teacher" -William Wordsworth


Realizing that electronic device use is widespread, unplugging from social media for a few hours to enjoy time outdoors with your family is rewarding. Why not consider your phone as your family's electronic journal and capture summer digitally!

There are summerscapes and sunkissed summer moments still waiting to be enjoyed.



Sunflower fields or similar sights nearby are waiting to be explored.


End-of-summer open air concerts provide the opportunity to have fun outdoors while listening to music and enjoying a picnic dinner.


Summer events can be captured easily with your electronic devices.




For additional fun, you can turn your photos into digital compositions to remember your family outing. Free digital photo tools, like Canva, Foto Jet, PicMonkey or Mobile Monet and Waterlogue apps for watercolor-like effects are available for easy transformations of photos into digital inspirations.



  • Take several photos of the same scene to determine which one is the best.
  • Sharpen each digital photo and enhance the color using a photo editing tool.
  • Create your own summer family album by exploring nature, taking photos of what you notice and wonder.
  • Record the events and become your family's photojournalist.

Feeling creative? You may choose to write a poem or diary entry to accompany the photo you snapped.


There is still several weeks of summertime left to make memories so go outside to notice, wonder, and enjoy family time. Capture summer digitally.

At the end of the summer season, my global gallery of artistic expressions, Sunkissed Summer, will be unveiled. People from around the globe are sending in offerings to the Twitter account, #SunkissedSummer, if you would like to see samples.


Perhaps you will even have a noteworthy digital composition ready to submit.

Stay tuned for more information about the date for the unveiling of Sunkissed Summer Gallery.


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