Features That Make Blue World City A State-Of-The-Art Project

Nov 7, 2019

Lidia Smith

Blue World City is a mega housing project initiated by Blue Group of Companies owned by Saad Nazeer in collaboration with Shan Jian Engineering. An MOU was signed between Blue Group of Companies and Shan Jian Engineering from China for the development of first Pak-China friendly city.

Blue World City is located on Main Chakri Road and is easily accessible from both Thalian and Chakri interchange. The location of this project makes it in proximity to the residents of the Twin cities. After the completion of Rawalpindi Ring Road, it will be accessible. Also, the ring road will also be an easy route for furthest areas that include Giga Mall, Bahria Town, Gulberg Greens, DHA Housing Society and other real estate projects.

Significant Features of Blue World City

Inspired from Chinese Architecture, Blue World City will be built as a marvel of Chinese heritage and architecture using local and Chinese development expertise. Blue World City is a state-of-the-art project designed to meet the global standards of luxurious living.


The aim of this project is to build a housing society to cater to the residential and commercial needs of an expected 2 million Chinese residents after the completion of CPEC route. Also, it is a golden opportunity for investment considering its location and commercial value due to the affiliation with the CPEC route.

Following are some highlights and salient features of Blue World City that make it a luxurious society, ensuring maintenance and living style of international standards.

·Blue Mosque Turkey Replica

A classic architecture- Blue Mosque in Istanbul was built by Muslim designers and architects in 1609. This marvel has inspired the developers of Blue World City to create a replica in order to restore Islamic and cultural values from that era.

Blue Mosque replica will be a highlight to attract a number of visitors and tourists. It will be the next highlight of the twin cities after the Faisal Mosque.

·Pakistan’s Biggest Water Theme Park

Another noticeable feature that makes Blue World City a place worth living, is the construction of the biggest water theme park in Pakistan. The park will include a specially designed pool for children along with surfing. It will also feature water rides and slides along with a volcanic waterfall. The park is designed to meet international standards.

·Secure and Gated Community

Security is one of the main concerns of this project. To ensure 100% protection of the residents, the city will have a guarded and secured gated community. This will be taken into special consideration that no unauthorized people are allowed in the city.

To ensure the security of the society, there will be added security with a boundary wall which will include key cards and face recognition features. The gated community will provide security from any unwanted visitors or incidents in society.

·Underground Electricity

The underground electricity system is now a part of almost all new housing societies. However, the sole purpose of this feature is not to maintain the elegance of the entire project. Underground electricity will also provide additional security to prevent society from any mishap. However, it would still maintain the standard of society.

·Commercial Avenues and Colleges

Considering the location of Blue World City, it will prove to be the biggest commercial hub due to its affiliation with the CPEC route. The location is the key factor when it comes to commercial opportunities.

Along with commercial avenues, the society will also provide a high standard and quality education in all the sectors.

·Wide Network of Carpeted Roads

The first step of the society that is already under construction is a network of carpeted roads that connect all the sectors of the society. Along with carpeted roads, there will be sidewalks and pathways constructed for the cyclist and for the pedestrians. The design of the roads is according to the international standards to complement the theme of Blue World City.

·Mosques in Every Sector

There will be a specially designed Jamia Mosque in every sector of society. This is done in order to facilitate the residents so that they can fulfil their religious duties and offer their prayers without going through any trouble or hassle.

·Easy Transportation

There will be an internal transportation system for the residents and visitors so that they can travel within the society without going through trouble.

·Electricity Power Plant

While living in Blue World City, you will not have to face the trouble of load shedding. A very own electric power plant will be installed in the society in order to create it a load-shedding free society. This key feature will ensure a productive housing society.

·Sports Area

A sports complex will be constructed in the Blue Word City in order to promote cultural diversity and extracurricular activities with a multi-functional sports complex.

·Sewerage System

To ensure a clean and hygienic society, there will be a proper sewerage system installed in it. The sewerage system is designed to ensure an eco-friendly disposal system.

A Great Opportunity for Investment

With proximity to the residents of the twin cities, easy access to the CPEC route, easy access to other commercial hubs in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, a community with international standards of luxurious living, Blue World City is a great opportunity to invest in.

There is an easy installment plan for residential and commercial plots, farmhouses and overseas block. With the issuance of NOC by Rawalpindi Development of Authority, Blue world City is close to its official launch.


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