Finding Fitness

Mar 12, 2018

Delsia Malone

Ever wonder why 10,000 steps should be taken each day? Every wonder how on earth to monitor or count 10,000 steps each day? I recently had a conversation with a colleague about steps per day. As I monitored my Fitbit, I was asked to explain why I chose a Fitbit. I paused before responding and then I shared my best thoughts.

Fitness trackers come in many forms. Cell phones can monitor our movement. Fitness trackers can be worn on wrists or ankles and some in the form of a necklace or armband. The style preference is one for personal choice. I chose the Fitbit, because of its interchangeable band and because it is slim and can be worn on my wrist. I often forget I have it on and that was another preference. I did not want to feel as though I had on a “device” so the wrist style reminds me of a bracelet which I wear without though.

Based on the American Heart Association’s recommendation, I try to get 10,000 steps in per day. It is my goal to be heart healthy and I make it a daily habit to eat healthy and to walk. The FitBit is what I use to keep up with my steps. But as I stated earlier, what one chooses to use to monitor daily steps is one of personal choice. Everyone can not afford a Fitbit, but most people own a cell phone that has a health app or such app can be downloaded to track steps.

As educators, have the students set a step goal. Then have the students track their daily steps. Then as a class group, chart the steps made by girls, boys and the class altogether. Have the children compare and contrast the steps by boys and girls. Tracking steps with a class lends to many ways that the teacher can incorporate mathematics. Have fun exploring ways to track and record with a class! I will be somewhere walking my way to being more fit by 50!

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