How Does Your Garden Grow?

Jul 17, 2017

Kristie Ennis

When I recently moved from Kentucky, where I lived in a house and had my own gardening space, to a suburb of Chicago, I lamented not having a place to exercise my "green thumb." Inherited from my dad's family, I have always had great luck tending my own garden and producing summer veggies for my family. I now live in an upstairs apartment with a small deck and no yard space of my own. I checked out the community gardening options and found I was just too late to join this year. Not to worry, the porch garden has commenced! Instead of opting out, I decided to make the space I have work for me. I have mounted planters on the railings with flowers and lavender plants, used elevated planters by my door in the landscaping area to house veggie plants, and even started a few seeds in small pots. This has made my transition from house to walk-up much more successful! Stay tuned for progress photos!


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