Just One of Those Weeks

Apr 15, 2018

Carol Varsalona

Have you ever experienced problems with your computer? You probably know the kind I am talking about, the ones that make you so FRUSTRATED? Well this week brought me a slew of technology problems.

I turned to Wonderopolis to find a wonder of the day that might be fun to read while I was trying to solve my technology issue. You will enjoy the video at Wonder of the Day #833, When Is Technology Old?

Now back to my technology problems of the week:

  1. My network was moving too slow. I called Optimum and I was told I needed a new router. Of course, the store is no longer in my community so my husband had to travel at least a half-hour away in traffic. Then, we needed to install the router. That took another long time and an extensive phone call.
  2. My printer would not connect with the new router. I read the manual, the online instructions, and finally had to put that problem aside because of problem #3. I will need to make another phone call to Optimum later.
  3. My iMac started acting strangely. It took a long time to startup. I saw the circling icon spinning so much that I thought I would scream so I called Apple and got a very helpful tech who spent at least one hour or more trying to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, he needed me to bring the computer to the Genius Bar for a checkup. I wrote a minute poem about this that you can find at Beyond LiteracyLink: Celebrate the Struggle.

Now for the end results from my Just One of Those Weeks:

I have a new router that works, a printer that doesn't, a computer and laptop that are powered up. I am able to complete my work for now so that is good.

The bonus is that I will buy a new iMac and then, a new MacAir in the near future.

When you are having a Just One of Those Weeks' week, don't give up. Be positive and keep on trying to solve the problems.


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