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Carol Varsalona

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I have been a lifelong learner and wonderer my entire life. As a child, curiosity allowed my mind to wander to imaginative places and seek answers. My mother and grandmother whose creative talents were boundless fostered my flights into the world of creativity. Appreciating the gifts of reading, writing, art, and learning at a very young age, led me to creative outlets and a long teaching and administrative career in the field of literacy. I continue to notice and wonder about life, learning, and literacy; write with passion and an observant eye; ardently champion voice as a means to be creatively expressive, and passionately promote positivity during my unretirement days as an ELA Consultant. Being one of Wonderopolis’ Wonder Lead Ambassadors is an honor and will provide the opportunity to continue to impact teaching and learning in a broader sense. Besides being an educator, I am: -Co-moderator of #NYEDChat, the voice of New York State educators and beyond where I continually invite educators and colleagues from across the globe to join in timely discussions -Writer/creator of the "Reflect With Me Galleries of Artistic Expressions" that connect literacy, the arts, and technology, bringing a sense of voice through poetry and photography to the public eye -Blogger and member of the following social media communities: Celebrate This Week, DigiLit Sunday, Poetry Friday, Slice of Life, Spiritual Journey Thursday -Presenter at local, regional, state, and national conferences -Executive Board Member and Editor of the Long Island Language Arts Council -Member of the following literary associations: International Literacy Council, Nassau Reading Council, National Council of Teachers of English, New York State English Council

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May 30, 2017

Wonder Bundle #4: Strange Dreams

After a night of frustrating technology glitches, I wrote a post, Whoosh!, and decided to engage in a deep breathing technique to fall asleep. Little ...


May 18, 2017

Wonder Bundle #3: Uninspired?

“Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration. Begin, and inspiration will find you.” -H. Jackson Brown Jr. Have you ever felt uninspired? Is your ...


May 11, 2017

Choice Leads to Voice: Wonder Bundle #2

On Twitter, there have been many thoughts exchanged by educators on the topic of choice. It is often found in student-centered classrooms where there ...


Apr 24, 2017

Wonder Bundle #1: How Can You Make Earth a Better Place?

URGENT MESSAGE:As residents of the earth, we need to take on the role of stewards, keep watch over the bountiful creation provided us, and teach ...


Apr 15, 2017

Creativity and Wonder

Creativity and wonder move in accordance from season to season. While winter has transitioned into springtime, I continue to write daily to spark the ...


Feb 23, 2017

Wonderopolis Opens Doors

As a confirmed wonderer, I have always believed in the power of noticing and wondering to open my eyes to what is before me. Curiosity has led me ...


Jan 30, 2017

Kindness In 5 Words

Have you ever wondered how you could brighten someone's day? Wonderopolis provides a quick answer for teachers and children who are interested in ...


Jan 26, 2017

Under The Weather

Have you ever felt "under the weather"? Being ill is no fun, especially around New Year's. At the start of the new year, I began to feel the effects ...


Sep 11, 2016

Sharing Acts of Kindness on September 11th

Today is the remembrance of September 11, 2001. You might wish to share a random act of kindness as a gesture of good will and human spirit. For ...


Aug 18, 2017

Creativity Spurts

"Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones." - Bruce ...

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Aug 15, 2017

Summer Night

The stresses of the day hunglike weights upon my soul. I sought nature for peace.As twilight turned to blackness,nighttime called to me.I ...

Beyond Literacy

Aug 14, 2017

Planner Versus Pantser

Are you a planner or a pantser? Are you intrigued by this question posed by Margaret Simon for this week's DigiLit Sunday? I was but must admit that ...

Beyond Literacy

Aug 12, 2017

Curve Ball

Has life ever thrown you a curve ball when you least expect it? Life is fragile and uncertain and you can't predict when the curve balls come ...

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Aug 11, 2017

Life Living Moments

What is summer without mini-trips to explore nature? During summer months, families enjoy special times. A walk in the sunflower fields, a ferry trip ...

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Aug 8, 2017


Living in close proximity to New York City has offered remarkable experiences over the years but I have never explored the Museum of Modern Art. For ...

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Aug 7, 2017


Within the dim lit room a peace settled; a celebration brewed. Participants came together as a community. The yoga teacher took her ...

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Aug 5, 2017

Celebrate Summer Moments

I found my true north this summer,drifting lazily during dog day afternoons under the spell of sunkissed dreams.Life found me this ...

Beyond Literacy

Aug 4, 2017


Let Nature be your teacher!-William WordsworthThe #10FoundWords poetry project created by Laura Shovan in February continues. As host for ...

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