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Wonder Lead Ambassador

Leticia Citizen

Joined 11 months ago

I am beginning my 16th year as a educator. I began my career teaching Kindergarten for 2 years. After a drastic decrease in student enrollment, I moved to 1st grade, which I taught for 7 years. In order to gain experience in upper elementary, I opted to teach 5th grade for the last 6 years. I use many tools of instruction to effectively teach. I thoroughly enjoy integrating all subjects when teaching history and science topics in order to effectively cover the grade-level standards. I spend much time expanding my teaching skills by attending professional developments in writing, math, reading, social studies, and technology for the classroom. I often tutor my students after school to assist them in their knowledge and confidence of various lessons and concepts. I consistently help my students to be problem solvers and thinkers! Project-based learning and inquiry based activities are interwoven into our school day. The use of technology is currently at the forefront of education. I have a particular interest in technology-enhanced teaching. As a result, I have embraced this tool and currently implement many of the applications and programs available to teachers and their students. This is shared with my fellow co-workers during staff meetings and professional developments. My students also act as “tutors” to guide other students to effectively utilize their knowledge. One of their last projects was working with third graders on designing spiders with our 3D printer. My class regularly uses Skype to communicate with other fifth grade students around our country to learn about many aspects of their city during #MysterySkype. This newfound knowledge is displayed on a bulletin board outside our classroom on a map of the United States. My students and I also inform our community about the happenings at our school via our PUSD website, classroom website, classroom Twitter page, and school Facebook page. I look forward to collaborating with and learning from other teachers and scholars to enhance my teaching and effectively impact my students.

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