My Personal Summer Professional Development Choices

May 28, 2017

Delsia Malone

I anxiously await my summer reading time. Each year, I accumulate, read and share information from books that I read. I love to wonder what others will read and I wonder if they have favorite authors that they read each summer. I find it so stimulating to read and discuss my book choices with others. The points of view are varied and I truly learn from those who are in leadership roles and from those who serve and work with students in the classroom. While I read hard copies and books on my Kindle, I find it so gratifying when I turn pages, highlight text, write in margins, underline words and passages and place my bookmark. I joined #cyberPD two-three years ago and I have enjoyed the conversations, blog posts and tweets populated from the selected book. Thanks to Cathy Mere for always providing such an engaging start to my summer! Happy reading to all in #cyberPD and elsewhere around the web and world!


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