Picturing America

Feb 15, 2019

Laura McShane

I first became aware of the National Center for Families Learning and Wonderopolis as part of a suite of FREE Open Educational Resources - searchable through the Verizon Thinkfinity platform. Also included in this suite of resources was the NEH-Edsitement, and the opportunity for schools to access large photos of culturally significant art in America. Here is a Wayback Machine screen shot of the amazing content providers once searchable/accessible through Thinkfinity:


Sadly, Verizon shut down Thinkfinity, but Picturing America is still available -FREE to all!

Cultural literacy greatly enhances the learning process. Take a moment to explore the Picturing America images available to use in your classroom and books to feature in February - President's Day, Civil Rights, Black History Month

Push to make educational resources FREE to teachers!!

Thank you to the INFOHIO for making this happen-https://www.infohio.org/oer/openspace

Please join the Wonderopolis Wonder Ground and add your own OER content to this amazing site!


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