Seaside Walk Into the Fog

Apr 25, 2019

Carol Varsalona

It only took one spontaneous moment to jump in the car and drive to a favorite Long Island seaside destination, the City by the Sea/Long Beach with its beautiful boardwalk that faces the Atlantic Ocean. To my amazement, as we drove up a grayness covered the sky. Like a strange movie, we walked into one of nature's phenomenons.


Looking out over the railing of the boardwalk, I scanned the beach to find a dense fog that settled. You can read more about that day here.


Shortly after enjoying a Palm Sunday walk on the boardwalk, I decided to research the topic of fogs. I started with Wonderopolis Wonder of the Day #329, Where Does Fog Come From?

"The next time you wake up in the morning to dense fog, you can say “It's cloudy outside!" instead of “It's foggy outside!" Why? Because fog is just a regular cloud that happens to be close to the ground rather than high up in the air."


Between the short video shown at the beginning of the Wonder of the Day text and what I saw, I still questioned why the fog only settled over the beach and made the ocean invisible. The Wonder of the Day stated another fact, "When fog is very thick and near the ground, it can reduce visibility to only a few feet."


Continuing to notice and wonder, I tried a free app, Lomotif, to create a short music video with nature photos taken during my seaside walk. I used the MobileMonet and Prisma photo-editing apps to transform my original photos into creative art. You can see my video, Into the Fog Seaside Walk - Moments by Lomotif.

Why did I use the Wonderopolis as a resource during my research process?

While the Wonder of the Day sparked my thinking, nature's gray clouds provided the stimulus. When I mixed a spontaneous wish with a nature walk, the gray sky no longer became an anchor but a silver lining.


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