Sharing Wonderopolis with ELA Professionals

Feb 28, 2017

Kristie Ennis

This weekend, my conference planning came to a reality. While there are many things I plan to change for KCTE 2018, I feel confident that it was a success overall. It was amazing to share Wonderopolis and Wonder Ground with 150+ English/Language Arts professionals working in Kentucky schools, most of whom are secondary ed teachers. They visited the vendor table, had promo items in their conference bags, and a few lucky participants even won Wonder Jars. It was a great way to show the inter-connectivity of ELA and the content areas, nonfiction and writing, research and authentic learning experiences. ELA teachers can get bogged down in teaching the classics and requiring traditional essays when they are in one of the best positions to encourage wonder in all of their students. We should be leading the way in wonder!


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