Snow Days

Jan 20, 2017

Delsia Malone

Have you ever wondered how does rain turn to snow? If you live somewhere that rarely has snow, what would you do if it suddenly began to snow? Well, it is January 2017. It is a new year and it is the season of unstable weather in Alabama. January often has days with rain turning to sleet, then sleet turning to snow. Oh snow! Students across our state pray for snow and love when classes or school is delayed or canceled due to sleet or snow. However, as an administrator, snow and other forms of inclement weather bring on a new set of problems.

Snow causes major turmoil in our small Alabama city. People who can’t drive on sunny days seem to gravitate toward roads and driving on snowy days. Parents anxiously rush to schools to check out their children, no matter the district stated on the news. Citizens make a mad dash for grocery stores. Local news stations show empty shelves that bread once lined. Gallons of milk are purchased.

Once everyone is snuggled in their homes, the kids get antsy. What can we do, they chime? At first, it is fun to look out of the window as the snow falls and to see it accumulate on the grass and roads. After eating a late lunch and drinking something warm and soothing to our body, we find paper, scissors, glitter, yarn and glue to create til our hearts are content. Depending on the amount of snow, we can make snow gauges to measure snowfall in our own yards.


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