Sparking Wonder in Adulthood

Feb 26, 2019

Kristie Ennis

As we grow older, our sense of wonder tends to move to the back burner. Adulting is hard, y'all! That doesn't mean wonder disappears; it just means that we have to consciously work to give ourselves space and time to spark that wonder. From wonder comes creativity. From creativity comes positive change. From positive change comes lasting joy. This weekend I was reminded of just how important all of this is as I facilitated the KY Council of Teachers of English (KCTE) Annual Conference in Lexington, KY. February is typically a very difficult month for teachers; it is long, tends to be dreary and gray in most parts of the country, and joy is not at the forefront of the classroom experience. For this reason, I have always planned the conference at the end of February, just when spring is about to remind us that rebirth and growth is ahead. I specifically try to design professional learning experiences at the conference that will spark wonder and joy so teachers can go back into their schools with a hard reset that will positively affect them and their students. We began this conference with a reminder from the amazing author and advocate, Barry Lane. As he said, "We sang, we danced, we thought." Wonder was sparked and laughs were shared. Success!


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