Summer Creative Challenge

Jul 5, 2019

Carol Varsalona

Summertime is a joyful time of year to explore, play in the sun, relax, and recharge. One way to do so is to enjoy the pleasures of reading and writing while sipping lemonade, digging your toes in the sand, or enjoying your summer day by the pool, on your patio, or in an air-conditioned spot.

Did you know that there is a place on earth that the sun never sets? Intrigued? Read about it at the Wonderopolis Wonder of the Day #790, Where Does the Sun Never Set? Then, be inspired by this text to write a poem about the long days of summer.

I invite everyone to join my creative challenge: create a poem, lyrics to a song, an inspirational quote, or take a photo to send it in for an upcoming summer gallery of artistic expressions. See my post, Summer Joy, for inspiration.

Below is my short poetic tale of the opening of the concerts at the beach series in Long Beach, NY. It is created in a cherita format. Now it is your turn to be creative.


Happy Reading and Writing this summer!


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