Sustaining Wonder into 2019

Dec 18, 2018

Kristie Ennis

Always looking for ways to incorporate wonder into my professional and personal improvement, I recently found a workshop offering called "Sustaining Wonder: The Art of Narrative." In this Hugo House class, Carolyne Wright plans to share techniques for sustaining the wonder that often begins creative writing pieces, such as poetry, prose, or plays. She speaks to the momentum that must be fed for a story to continue being engaging. While I cannot attend her workshop (though it sounds AMAZING), I can certainly take time to consider how this applies to my work as a professional educator and consultant and to my own life as I make plans for 2019. What are the ways in which I will sustain my own wonder as I try to continue to be the catalyst for the wonder in others? The answers I am still pondering, but I have come to one conclusion so far: I must be INTENTIONAL. I need to make a concrete plan to stop the made rush of life and notice the wonder that lives all around me in big and small ways. Of course I want to experience wonder in organic ways as it comes, but sometimes we have to start by scheduling time to unplug or delve into the world around us in order to make the conditions right for wonder. I preach this all the time to my workshop participants, the teachers I mentor, and the students with whom I work. Reading about this workshop reminded me that I have to take my own advice, even if that means scheduling time for wonder until it becomes a happiness habit for me. Here's to a spectacular, intentional, wonder-filled 2019!


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