The Wonder of It!

Mar 18, 2016

Carol Varsalona

Sometimes in life days are heavy and sometimes they are filled with wonderful news. Recently, I was blessed with good news and an announcement.

It all began with a last minute reminder from Wonderopolis that the NCFL organization was looking for wonder ambassadors and the deadline was closing. Sounds intriguing, I thought, but would I have the time to fill out the application. Well, I did, and then I was notified that a video interview conference would follow. This was a first. I never participated in a virtual interview but times are changing. Make-up, hair, and a smile were on the must list for that experience. Since tech does not always work the way it is supposed to, during the interview we had to go to Plan B, a phone interview.

Then, I waited for a follow-up response. I must have missed the email at first. It did not arrive in my inbox but then, popped up in another tab in gmail.


What a honor I thought after reading the email. More emails followed, a stream of good will from the other Wonder Lead Ambassadors whom I will meet soon. The fifteen-member team comes from across the United States and Canada. While I only know one person on the team, Paul Hankins, who was part of my roundtable team at NCTE 15, I am eager to meet the others and create a cohesive plan for the year under the leadership of Jon Reigelman, Wonderopolis' Creative Director. You can access the names of my teammates and news about the Wonder Ground here.


Being part of the Wonderopolis team is certainly exciting.


This post is part of a series I have written, Clearing A Path. When we clear a path in life, we can wonder with the same curiosity that leads children to new discoveries. Join me as a embark on a new journey of wonder and discovery.


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