Top places in Ireland for students to visit now

Jan 16, 2021

Evelyn Glennie

The sights and buildings of Ireland are luxurious parks, modern building and ruins of ancient castles. This fantastic country does not allow anyone to leave the country without memorable and unforgettable photos where wonderful impressions are imagined. Visit this website to get a help with writing from experts while traveling.

1. Abbey of Kells.

The Abbey of Kells is located in County Meath, in the city of Kells. In ancient times, this Abbey has been experiencing attacks from barbarians who robbed and destroyed everything in their path. Here, untouched corners are saved, which perfectly frame the walls of the ancient structure.The Abbey is famous as a place of the storage of the legendary Book of Kells, a manuscript publication created by the monks.

2. St. Patrick's Cathedral.

St. Patrick's Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Ireland. In distant times the place of the construction was the source of St. Patrick. In the era of King Henry III, the church was reconstructed for 4 years that gave it an appearance in the style of early English Gothic. This is a fantastic place with curious history.

3. Cahir Castle.

Cahir Castle is one of the largest castles in Ireland and was built by Conchúr ’Briain in 1142. It is considered one of the most preserved castles in Ireland. The secret of the strength of the castle was supported by the location in the center of the river.

4. The National Leprechaun Museum of Ireland.

In the case you are interested to be acknowledged with the culture and mythology of Ireland this is necessary to visit the museum. You will know how fabulous creatures have met people in different centuries. The exposition is dedicated to relatives of elves and fairies that live in Ireland. To feel the magic of this place is one of unusual things you feel in your life.

5. Skellig Michael.

Skellig Michael, or Michael's Rock is named in honor of the Archangel Michael, that was glorified in Christianity thanks to the victory over the devil, who turned into a dragon. Getting to the Skellig Islands is half the fun. A boat rides to the stormy sea, offering you a wonderful adventure and you discover amazing views. Skellig Michael is a World Heritage Site. This is an interesting fact how cages can handle the wild weather on the Atlantic coast.


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