Using Wonderopolis to Inspire Poetry Writing

Oct 14, 2018

Amy Rudd

A few years ago, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater at the Poem Farm inspired me to write poems about the Wonder of the Day from Wonderopolis. She called it, "Wallow in Wonder". During National Poetry Month, I am always inspired to write a poem or two but don't always commit to the time it takes.

Since I am on Fall Break, I thought about sharing, shaking off the rust and working to pen a post . I re-read the Wonder of the Day-#2119 How Much Does a Postage Stamp Cost? I felt inspired to watch and listen to the videos, capture some words in my notebook and then pen a two voices-the Stamp and the Letter.

Who is better? Stamp or Letter?

Dear Stamp,

Money spent-

Letter sent-

because of you,

my message goes through

Thank you postage stamp so true,

Thank you Stamp for being you!

Dear Letter,

Without you I'm nothing true



Because of you, I've a job to do-

Me and Postmark- and you go through

Thanks to you, Letter true

Thank you much for being you!

So now we know

neither is better-

Each needs the other

Stamp and Letter!


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