Wallow in Wonder Poem 11: #115: "Are Debit Cards and Credit Cards the Same?"

Apr 11, 2016

Paul W. Hankins


I've already used one of these machines today. And by the end of the day, I will have probably used one again.

It reminds me that while in Minneapolis last November, a friend commented on how "thick" my wallet appeared. It only appeared so because of the number of membership cards and award cards I was carrying at the time. So, it made me think to take out my wallet this morning, to lay the cards out, to see if I could make a sort of listing poem with a little bit of rhyme to it:

"Your Wallet Would Be Thick Too"

If you had a card for all that you do,

than your wallet would be thick too.

If you had a library card to check out books,

a Great Clips card for managing your looks.

A Home Depot card for when you need wood.

A Starbucks card for coffee that's good.

A membership card for the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

Feeders Supply for the dogs (one of them's part beagle).

My lunch card with scan so I can eat while at school.

A Sears card for that rare time I might need new tools.

Indiana Driver's License so I can drive my car.

A Debit Card--I need gas or I won't go too far.

The most recent school picture of my children.

My Sam's Club membership card should I need paper towels ever again.

Master Card, Visa, American Express--

for what I will need them is anybody's guess.


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