Wallow in Wonder Poem 4: Wonder #641: "What Makes Glitter Sparkle?"

Apr 4, 2016

Paul W. Hankins

I try to be careful when I use a term like "simple verse" when referencing children's poetry, but one of the elements of children's poetry that I love is its "accessibility." I make no claims that writing what reads like simple verse is a simple task.

I know better.

I've tried and tried to write in this particular style and I tend to overshoot every time. I'd like to play with some simple verse today inspired by Wonder #641: What Makes Glitter Sparkle?":

"No Problem Glitter Couldn't Solve"

Gladys threw glitter from the can;

the glitter hit the ceiling fan.

Glitter spread throughout the air,

glitter, glitter everywhere.

Like a sparkly rainstorm from the sky,

glitter low and glitter high.

Glitter here and glitter there,

glitter, glitter in my hair.

Glitter, glitter on my way home,

now I have a sparkly comb.

Gladys, Gladys, here's a plan--

please keep the glitter in the can.

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