#WallowinWonder: #201:"What is the Best Place on Earth?"

Apr 24, 2016

Paul W. Hankins

This picture is from our family vacation in Northern Michigan last fall. This area is often referred to by locals as "God's Country." While walking along the beach with my daughter, Maddie, we stopped to snap this picture together. This is the inspiration for today's poem.


"Our Shadows Show Us What We Always Were"

Our shadows seem to say,

"You're growing taller with the passing day."

Our shadows seem to say,

"We stand together come what may."

Our shadows seem to say,

"We will always be just this way."

Our shadows show us what we always were

under the same big sun, we two stand as one--

as much as I am me and as much as she is her--

giants standing upon the earth until the day is done.


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