We Wonder About Dinosaurs

Feb 12, 2014

Fines Family

One of the things I love about Wonderopolis is the ability to connect several wonders to support a theme in the classroom.  You can find wonders to support themes in nearly every content area, in topic from ranging from plants, to wildlife, to weather. It's fun to type in a key word and find connections between the Wonders of the Day©.

In kindergarten, one of our biggest thematic units centers all around dinosaurs.  Dinosaur + kindergarten = an incredible atmosphere of learning.  It's the perfect recipe for wonder in the classroom.  The fact that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, and the only evidence we have are fossilized remains can only leave your imagination running wild.  Feeding that kind of information to a 5 and 6 year old only fuels their curiosity and sense of wonder. You know when Wonderopolis has had an impact when the kids start asking "I wonder if Wonderopolis knows about that?".

Photo Jan 28, 4 14 03 PM

For the month of January our Wonderopolis Literacy Center was all about dinosaurs. It hosted activities like fossil study and dinosaur journaling.  The kids drew and labelled dinosaur pictures. They also wrote books about dinosaurs. They explored dinosaur apps on our iPad that supplemented the learning. They read a books about dinosaurs - fiction, and non-fiction.  Wonderopolis is such a big part of our classroom. If you can create a space for learning and sprinkle in some Wonderopolis magic, you raise the excitement level in the kids just little - but mostly a lot!

Photo Jan 28, 4 13 11 PM


Here are the wonders that we used to supplement our learning:

#275 - How Do Dinosaurs Get their Names? (This one is our favorite!)

#919 - Where Can You Find Fossils?

#1028 - What is a Paleontologist?

#483 - What is a Raptor?  (Although this wonder is about birds, there is a fun connection to the term Velociraptor)



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