What a WONDERful world!

Dec 21, 2012

Sarah Nicols

I am so excited to be a Lead Ambassador for NCFL’s Wonderopolis.org Wonder Year Adventure 2012! We have already had such a great time getting to know all the other Wonder Families and can’t wait to see what WONDERful adventures we will have this year!

Our first trip with Wonderopolis took us to the beautiful city of Louisville, Kentucky. There we got to see the bats being made at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, Millionaire’s Row at Churchill Downs, we got to feed giraffes at the Louisville Zoo, and we even got to blow our own glass ornaments at FlameRun!

I am so looking forward to sharing how my family and my students discover the wonders of the world, and how the wonders of learning never cease!

Continue on to see more pictures from our adventures in Louisville!


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