Who Makes Your Rules?

Aug 4, 2016

Jim DeSantis

As every teacher does, my mind in August is constantly thinking about what the new year has to bring. What changes can I enact in my room (the library) that will make a lasting change in the behavior and attitudes of my students? While reading Wonder #1714 "Why Do We Have Rules?" I at times felt like they were describing my classes during my first year of teaching. How does someone in your classroom get attention, shouting out? They did my first year and then some.

Rules in the classroom are as important as rules on the road. If you want things to go smoothly each and everyday you need to be prepared and everyone must both understand and accept the rules of the classroom.

At the end of Wonder #1714 it talks about working within the rules to change the rules, similar to how legislators work. This got me thinking about how some people make their rules for their classrooms. Do you write them for your kids or do you let them have a say in how things should be run? I have found that the buy in from the kids always goes up when they have some form of control over how things operate in the classroom.

So why not give your students a chance at creating your class rules? If worst comes to worst you can always veto a rule, and your kids will appreciate that you allowed them some say in how things are handled in the room, no matter how old they are.


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