Wonder Wall- Fast and Easy!

Sep 11, 2016

Jennifer Rubin

Just put up my Wonder Wall for the year. It all started with a journal topic last week that asked them to Make a List of Things You Want to Know More About. The discussion that followed blew me away! Why do wars start? Why do ladybugs have spots? How do you get diabetes? Why do dogs and cats not get along? Why can't animals talk? Why do male and female animals have different names like cow and bull? What are gemstones? Is scarlet fever gone? How do contact lenses work? And on and on and on.... We went around the circle 3 times as each student shared one of their thoughts and we still weren't done. I loved when one kid's wondering sparked something in another and they hurriedly wrote a new entry down.

So naturally, where do we head? WONDEROPOLIS!!! Many found starting places for research. For those that did not, I guided them to safe sites to get answers. They recorded learning in journals and just kept chatting about what they found. This is now a basis for self guided research as they have free time. As the days and week pass, I will introduce various products they can create to share their learning with others but right now they are so fired up to find out more!

The Wonder Wall will serve many purposes. It's a place to share what they are thinking. It's a place for them to learn about what their classmates like and hopefully chat and research about together if there is a shared interest. It's also a place to hold kids accountable to TRY. To push themselves out of their comfort zone and WONDER about something. Anything. Complacency in their own learning is not ok in my room. They won't just sit and get. They're in charge of finding their passions. I will help them discover it but they must have a growth mindset to try.

Super simple set-up. I just put every kid's name on a Wonder Card and changed the font for each one. Printed on colored paper, laminated and BOOM - instant Wonder Wall. Between you and me, I can't wait to find out why ladybugs have spots.



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