WONDERing into the New School Year

Aug 4, 2013

Caplin Family

My goals are set as the new school year arrives quickly:

 *Words are everywhere and it is important to show relationships throughout the day.
 *Building a community at the start of the year is crucial
 *Knowing our students as readers/writers is mandatory.
 *Students need choice in their reading and need time for reading.
 *In order to write, you must be a reader

I started looking through past wonders that I have used in addition to searching for new ones.  Once again with the new grade level/common core pull down I was able to choose several wonders to begin the school year.

Reading Workshop:  #889 What is a Genre?  #254 Why Don't All Books Have Pictures
Poetry Friday:  #575 What is a Poetry Slam?
Math:  #224:  How Many is a Google?  perfect for Number Sense
Writing Workshop: #761  Can a Word Be Both a Noun and a Verb? Word Study:  #821 What is a Metaphor?  #702  Are You Sly as a Fox?
Social Studies:  #45    What is a Totem Pole?
I am excited to begin the year with weaving non-fiction into every focus area.  We will begin our journey towards an exciting new school year.


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