Wondering is the First Step in Learning

Feb 16, 2018

Carol Varsalona

Have you ever stopped to professionally wonder? When you are in the wondering zone do you become passionate about novel ideas that stir your emotions? Do you step forward and allow curiosity empower you to take action?

Since I am a professed wonderologist, I am always wondering and trying to connect with colleagues to make wondering a group activity. Professional wonder can be sustained through online networking and learning together as connected colleagues.

When Evan Robb of The Robb Review gave me the opportunity to become an unique voice in a diverse world of thought, I was honored. For a few moments, I was questioning my ability to create a post that would be appropriately matched to the vision of Robb's daily blog site. As a connected educator and believer in the growth mindset, I needed to bypass my questioning thoughts and write and that I did.

You can find my post for The Robb Review at http://therobbreviewblog.com/uncategorized/carol-v.... Included in the short post is my 9 Tips for Harnessing Professional Wonder here.

In the meantime, share your wonders with those around you!


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