Wonderopolis #WonderChat 2013-2014 Schedule

Dec 18, 2013

Phillips Family



Below are the dates and topics for the 2013-2014 Wonderopolis #WonderChat on Twitter.  The chats are held the first Monday of each month from 8:00-9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  If you use Wonderopolis in your classroom or at home, feel free to join the conversation, share ideas, and ask questions.

October 7th – Using Wonderopolis and Wonder to promote writing, including using Wonderopolis as a mentor text.

November 4th – Peter H. Reynolds, award-winning author and illustrator will be a special guest host in celebration of Family Literacy Month.  We will be discussing what a WONDERful and wonder-filled classroom looks like and how to inspire students to wonder and write.

December 2nd – Using Wonder and Wonderopolis to connect home and school.

January 6th – Using Wonderopolis as a nonfiction text and other “wonder” nonfiction texts to help meet Common Core State Standards.

February 3rd – Using Wonderopolis in science and social studies.

March 3rd – Everything Wonder, including using Wonder Walls and Wonder Wednesday to promote student learning.

April 7th –  We will be discussing Wonder and Poetry for National Poetry Month.

May 5th – Using Wonderopolis to build background knowledge and vocabulary.

June 2nd – Extending wonder into summer learning.

The dates and topics listed above are a guideline for the monthly chats.  The dates and topics may change throughout the year.  We will publicize any changes throughout the year via Twitter and Facebook prior to the chat.

If you are new to Twitter Chat or are a "Lurker", you may want to check out this great post by Christopher Lehman, So You Think You Want to Tweet Chat: From Lurker to Chatter 101.


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