Wonders of Teaching

Sep 11, 2017

Robyn Thiessen

As I begin another school year I am rought with insecurities and questions about what I am doing in my classroom. Am I doing enough? Am I learning enough? Am I reading enough? Has my practise evolved enough to give these little learners what they need to be successful? Are their parents happy with their little loves coming to learn with me each day? Do the kiddos want to come learn in this alternate learning space that I have created for them? Is this space really a better environment for learning? How will I manage the challenges of dual curriculums in a grade 3/4 combined classroom? Do all the things I worry about matter?

This will be my 27th year of teaching and I feel like a beginning educator. I have spent a part of my summer reflecting on my practise, especially around Social Emotional Learning and Numeracy instruction. My goal this year is to be the best math teacher that I can be. I am planning to use literature to compliment the strands that we are working on. I would love to learn more about inquiry in math. I have joined a Math book club to push my thinking even further. We are reading,How to be the Math Teacher You Wish You Had by Tracy Zager. I have dived into the book and will share my learning in future posts. I am also working on creating a safe, nurturing, inviting and student centred learning environment by using flexible seating, blended learning and an opportunity for students to have choice and voice in their learning.

Sometimes I think that in all the business of teaching, we lose sight of the goal. My goal is to help create thoughtful, curious, kind and self-reflective learners who love the challenge of a difficult task.

When I began teaching, I envisioned being able to cruise through the final years of my career however,I find myself more curious, more willing and more unsure with each passing day.

After all teachers don't know everything!

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