Wonders to Use Throughout the Year

Sep 13, 2012

Phillips Family

On Friday, I was talking with a colleague who is planning on using Wonderopolis in her classroom on a daily basis for the first time this year.  I was sharing some Wonders with her that I thought would be useful to use during the school year.  I offered to compile a list for her and my second grade team.  I thought they may be useful for others, too.

In most categories below, there are more that would fit.  I Would love to hear if you have additional Wonders that go under each category and how you use them in your classroom.  Also, remember that you can do a Category search at Wonderopolis.

Wonders for Building a Classroom Community

A Wonder to Share at Open House or Curriculum Night with Parents

Reading Workshop

Writing Workshop 

Famous Americans

American Symbols


Map Skills


U.S. Holidays



General Science


Animal Adaptations


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