Back to School - Fly your Flag!!

45 min.

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Wonder of the Day #554

Do All Pirate Ships Have Flags?


Explore symbolism of flags by designing individual flags for kids going back to school

Big Idea

Flags are a symbolic way to communicate a message

Help kids allay their fears of going back to school by designing their own "Jolly Roger" flag!


For elementary students, the discussion can be about overcoming fear:

The pirate of kindergartenA pirate's guide to first grade

Recommended reading- The Pirate of Kindergarten and Pirate's Guide to First Grade

For older students, the discussion can be about family pride and heritage and how countries use flags:


Flying Colors [Release date Mar. 6, 2018] : A Guide to Flags from Around the World.

Flying Colors by Robert G. Fresson

Help kids with blocking of their own flag using Flag Designer website