Can you Hear Me Now?

60 min.

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How can we make our voices heard when we think we are being treated unfairly?

Big Idea

Write an opinion letter to clearly show how you feel about a certain topic.

March around the room with signs from political rally that state, "A Pension is a Promise."

Discuss with the kids what it feels like when someone breaks a promise to them. It is important that we calmly tell them how we feel about it so they are aware of their actions.

Share Wonderopolis link with students on their Chromebooks. Have them be prepared to share their thought and feelings about why it is important to stand up for what is right.

Students will research and write an opinion letter about something they believe everyone should stand up for.

This will be a lesson that will carry over for several days. The students will take these letters through the entire writing process all the way to publication and we will mail them if appropriate.