Celebrating Poetry Month(April) with WonderPoems

45 min.

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Wonder of the Day #70

What Is a Haiku?


Students will create a WonderPoem book inspired by numerous wonders by brainstorming their questions, conducting research on Wonderopolis.org, and explaining their new learning through various poetry prose.

Big Idea

How is poetry used to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly?

Have students create a circle map with "Wonderings" as their topic. Students write all their questions within their circle map. Students share within small groups their wonderings. Students will choose three of their wonderings, write on a post-it, and add to classroom WonderWall.

For the month of April, students will write a different type of poem daily. Teacher will alternate between allowing students to choose:

1.) one wonder from WonderWall for the entire class to investigate,

2.) one wonder from WonderWall per small groupings to investigate, or

3.) one wonder from WonderWall they created individually to investigate.

Once a wonder is chosen, students will visit Wonderopolis.org to search for their wonder or a similar topic. Students will read the information, watch the video, review any vocabulary, and take the quiz. When students have completed their research, students will either discuss their learnings and additional wonderings about their wonder as whole group or within small groups.

Teacher and students will choose from various types of poems. Poems will reflect their new learnings from their wonder research. Students will have the option to work individually or with others. Students will write poems in WonderPoem Books made using large sheets of paper. Upon completion of the poems, students will share out either whole group or within small groups.