Classroom Crockpot Cocoa

177 min.

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Students will read and follow the steps in a recipe, measure ingredients, and create cocoa in a crockpot for the entire class.




Big Idea

How does hot cocoa relate to reading and mathematics?

Watch The Hot Chocolate Song via YouTube at

Have on hand a printout of the lyrics so that it can be replayed and students can sing-along.

List Wonders about Cocoa (use Classroom Crockpot Cocoa Wonders Handout)

  • Students will use the Internet and classroom resources to conduct research in order to find answers to their wonders during this lesson.
  • Teacher will do a lesson on fractions and doubling fractions in a recipe.
  • Teacher will show students what ½ and 1 whole cup looks like on a fraction pie.
  • Teacher and students will create fraction models together.
  • Students will practice drawing out fractions on notebook paper as teacher calls out examples.
  • Teacher will check to be sure each student understands. Teacher will work with a small group to help those who need further explanation.
  • Teacher will explain measuring cups and show students measuring cups.
  • The teacher will divide the class into two groups.
  • Each group will fill job of reader, supply gatherer, fraction measurer, rereader, stirrer, time keeper, recorder
  • Students with assignments will do as the recipe calls, when necessary.
  • Teacher will monitor the two groups and be the one to plug in the crockpot.
  • Turn on high and stir every 15 minutes.
  • In two hours, classroom crockpot cocoa will be ready
  • Careful it will be hot. Allow to cool slightly and then enjoy!

  • Each student will do a quick write about cocoa in relation to mathematics and sequencing.
  • Teacher will randomly have each student share their quick write about their learning.