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45 min.

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Wonder of the Day #1612

How Do We Think?


Students will practice writing opinion pieces by reading wonders on Wonderopolis.org, choosing a question to answer and supporting a point of view with reasons and information from the wonder.

Big Idea

How do writers use details to support their opinions?

Introduce students to Wonderopolis.org. Allow them time to explore the site. Ask students to share the various parts found on the website:

1.) essential question

2.) sub-questions

3.) category topic

4.) tags

5.) highlighted vocabulary words

6.) video

7.) Test your Knowledge

8.) wonder words

9.) Try It Out

10.) Wonder Sources

11l) Wonder Word Challenge

Direct students to Classroom Wonderopolis Blog. Make sure to embed the Wonderopolis Widget to your classroom blog page. Include these directions on your blog for students:

1.) Read the Wonderopolis article.

2.) Watch the video.

3.) Then read the "Have You Ever Wondered?" questions on the top left side of the article.

4.) Answer at least one of the questions in the Comment section below, using evidence from the article to support your writing.

*** Please include the Wonder# and the Title***

Students will comment on at least 3 different classmates blog post. Their comments must include:

1 compliment + 1 connection + 1 question.