Dear Mr. President

60 min.

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Grade Standards Subjects Topics
K K.RN.2.1. ELA READING: Nonfiction
K K.RN.2.2. ELA READING: Nonfiction
K K.RF.1.1. ELA READING: Foundations
K L.K.5.c. ELA Language Standards
K RF.K.4. ELA Foundational Skills
K K.RN.3.2. ELA READING: Nonfiction
K 110.11 (F) ELA Figure 19 TAC, Reading/Comprehension Skills Kindergarten
K K.10 (A) ELA English Language Arts and Reading, Kindergarten
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Students will learn the parts of a friendly letter.

Big Idea

How are letters used to persuade, inform and bring about change?

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  • The teacher will model writing a letter using projection system.
  • Learn the difference between a friendly letter and a business letter.
  • Write a practice letter to the principal or a classmate.
  • Use correct grammar and spelling to write a letter to our President.

Teacher will have students check the letter of another student to be sure all the parts of a letter are present. A few of the letters will be shared by reading aloud to the class.