Explore Your Neighborhood

90 min.

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Students will begin to build a better understanding of the community they live in.

Students will be able to use and create a map.

Big Idea

Students will both learn mapping skills while building an understanding of their community.

When you think of your community, what are some of the highlights that come to mind? Is it the stores, the parks, or the different restaurants? What if you were a tour guide for your community, where would you take people?

You will start to build a better understanding of your community. This includes investigating the town or city website for places they feel are significant.

Are there any special streets that stand out in your community?

Read Wonder #2 "How Do Streets Get Their Names".

Think more about what areas or streets you would want to highlight if you were a tour guide for your community.

Using Power Point you will create a short slide show of the different stops you would include in your tour.

Students will share their tours with one another through in class presentations or a gallery walk.