Harvest Moon

55 min.

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Wonder of the Day #46

What Is a Cornucopia?


Help students understand the relationship of lunar cycles to the growing season.

Big Idea

Recognize that the Earth is affected by the moon.

Fall is a great time to revisit Tomie DePaola's Strega Nona character. In Italian, a "strega" can be interpreted as a witch. Strega Nona uses "magic" to make her garden grow in Strega Nona's Harvest.

Strega Nona's harvest

Tomie DePaolo (pronounced Tommy da-POW-la)

Visit Wonderopolis for the meaning of Cornucopia

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Next time you see the moon


9781938946332 (English)
9781681402864 (Spanish)

Science Links provides a great monthly tool for exploring the phases of the moon:


Discuss the phases of the moon with students.

Great printouts and illustrations here:


moon phases diagram

Share the pop-up Brava Strega Nona!

and Look and Be Grateful.

Brava, Strega Nona! : a heartwarming pop-up book Look and be grateful

Assign students to take home a blank calendar for September and/or October and to draw their own observations of the moon each evening.

Italian phrases in Tomie DePaola's books are printed in italics. Ask the students if they can translate the words from Italian:

Qui siete, i miei amici piccoli - here you are, my little firends
mio caro - my dear
la luna - the moon
libro di giardino - garden book
bella luna - beautiful moon
ingrediente segreto- secret ingredient
Santo cielo- good heavens
grazie -thank you
arrivederci, buonanotte - good-bye, good night