Is a Storm coming?

50 min.

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Wonder of the Day #522

How Much Rain Can a Cloud Hold?


Use observation to predict weather from clouds

Big Idea

Observation of atmospheric conditions can help you predict weather

Review concepts of the compass rose with class

What is the prevailing direction of wind in our neighborhood??

Discuss primary types of clouds:

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Cumulus- the word means "pile"
Cirrus-the word means "curls of hair"
Stratus-the word means "layer"

How high are the clouds? Are they low to the ground, middle of the sky, or high up in the sky?

One kind of cloud piles up into the sky and signals a coming storm that can bring rain, wind, lightning and thunder. These are cumulonimbus clouds, also called thunderheads.

University of Illinois Weather Wiz Kids

See Also: Clouds by Marion Dane Bauer, illustrated by John Wallace


Additional book resources:

Complete a cloud guide to keep track of weather in your neighborhood

Keep a daily log to track the clouds observed over a week's time -and record the daily weather conditions.