Let's Make a Deal

40 min.

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Wonder of the Day #841

What Is the Golden Rule?


1. Students will be able to collectively create and agree on a set of rules for the classroom.

Big Idea

Rules are meant to bring order to our life, instead of chaos.

Together as a class think of how many different rules you have to follow to get to school and to the seat each student is sitting in. Make a list on the board and think about where those rules came from.

Read the Wonder #1714 Why do we have rules?

After reading, give students a chance to record their thoughts about what school would look like if there were no rules. (Think-Pair-Share)

-Students can then share their ideas with a partner and then the class.

Now with the same partner have students create a list of the rules from past classrooms or things they have seen in the hallways that help things run smoothly. (Think-Pair-Share)

-Students may then come to the board in pairs to record the rules that they drafted.

As a whole class review the list of rules that we think are the most important. Circle the ones that will be used in this classroom.

For next class, create a typed copy of the rules the class chose and have a signing party. Each student can come to the front of the room and sign the rules (similar to the Declaration of Independence).

This document should then be displayed somewhere in the room for the remainder of the school year.

Students will be recording their work on the board in pairs.