Lunar New Year in Cleveland

50 min.

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Learn about Lunar New Year traditions celebrated in Cleveland, OH.

Read My First Chinese New Year written and illustrated by Karen Katz and The Great Race The Story of the Chinese Zodiac by Dawn Casey and illustrated by Anne Wilson and The Dancing Dragon by Marcia Vaughan and illustrated by Stanley Wong Hoo Foon.


calligraphy, dragon, evil, firecrackers, fortune, incense, jade, kites, lanterns, moon, nian 年獸, noodles, dumplings, oranges, luck, parade, tradition, ancestors, wish, zodiac

Additional books:

The sheep beauty : a story in English and Chinese


What are the ways of tracking time and seasons by sun and moon? Why do we have 12 months and 12 signs of the zodiac?

Discuss family traditions and holidays from different countries. Students will complete a paper lantern craft

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Students will attend Lunar New Year celebration at Cleveland Public Library