Make Way For Ducklings

30 min.

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Understand basic needs for any species

Big Idea

Baby ducks need the same thing, baby humans need - loving parents, a safe home w/access to food

The places described in Make Way for Ducklings - really exist!

Follow the journey of Mr. and Mrs. Mallard as they find a safe home to raise their family. "Awarded the Caldecott Medal in 1942, Make Way for Ducklings has been described as "one of the merriest picture books ever." Ideal for reading aloud, this book deserves a place of honor on every child's bookshelf." – Goodreads

Educator Developer Mary Ellen (Mel) McNamara

Educational Technology Resource Teacher, Howard County Public School System, Ellicott City, MD. Prior to being a resource teacher for educational technology Mel McNamara was a high school media specialist for 7 years and before that she was an elementary school media specialist for 8 years. This Lit Trip includes photographs by developer Mel McNamara.

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Match vocabulary to the correct definition from Merriam Webster:

1.) eggs 2.) hatch 3.) feathers 4.) molting 5.) nest 6.) horrid 7.) dither

a.) a place or specially modified structure serving as an abode of animals and especially of their immature stages

b.) any of the light, horny, epidermal outgrowths that form the external covering of the body of birds

c.) to shed hair, feathers, shell, horns, or an outer layer periodically

d.) to act nervously or indecisively

e.) an oval or round object laid by a female bird, reptile, fish, or invertebrate, usually containing a developing embryo. The eggs of birds are enclosed in a chalky shell, while those of reptiles are in a leathery membrane.

f.) to emerge from an egg, chrysalis, or pupa

g.) extremely bad or unpleasant