Making GOOD Choices

50 min.

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Wonder of the Day #360

Why Do Pigs Like Mud?


Share two animal stories with second graders to help them understand how choices affect their future

Big Idea

Teachers help students gain knowledge needed to make good choices in life.

Pigs and humans share many common traits. The fairy tale of The Three Little Pigs in the version by James Marshall is a closer retelling of the original version

The Three Little Pigs

Using a YREAD kit from Cleveland Public Library, second grade students from Cleveland Metropolitan School District and Horizon Denison Science Academy will read along with individual book copies.

Presenter will read the rhyming text picture book- Day by Day by Susan Gal:

Day by Day

Back at school, the kids can compare the fiction and non-fiction depiction of pigs using the INFOhio paired readings

Pigs by Emily Green


  1. sow
  2. piglet
  3. snout
  4. sunburn

Three Little Pigs by James Marshall


  1. annoyed
  2. gobbled
  3. loitering
  4. approach
  5. dazzling
  6. teasing
  7. scrumptious
  8. displeasure
  9. splendid
  10. shimmied
  11. frighten

Discuss concept of home, independence, and making good choices in life.

STEAM extension: Follow up with discussion of animal homes:

Dreaming up

Dreaming UP shows how early play leads to an understanding of form, structure and function. What materials would kids use to make their own "Dream" home?? (I know I always fantasized about having a tree house for a home :)

Have the kids draw their ideal home.