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35 min.

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Grade Standards Subjects Topics
K K.12.a) ELA Virginia 2010 English Standards of Learning
K K.12.b) ELA Virginia 2010 English Standards of Learning
K K.8.a) ELA Virginia 2010 English Standards of Learning
K K.RF.1.1. ELA READING: Foundations
K K.RN.2.1. ELA READING: Nonfiction
K RI.K.1 ELA Reading Standards for Informational Text
K ELA Language Benchmarks K-5
K ELA Reading Benchmarks: Informational Text K-5
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Give third graders their own personal dictionary.

Big Idea

Promote appreciation for language and learning through words, speech and definitions.

We need words every day to bake a cake, build a house, make music, find a friend, and more.

Thanks to community organizers in our neighborhood and the Dictionary Project four third grade classes at two schools in Cleveland, Ohio, are receiving free dictionaries to keep and to use every day.

The Best Dictionary for Students (ISBN 978-1-934669-28-0) will be distributed - we will review the parts of the dictionary and read the introduction out loud.

Each class will be presented with three words to spell, identify part of speech, and write down their own "definitions."

nomad, circumvent, preposterous

Then, we will use the dictionaries to find the "official" definition.