National Chemistry Week

50 min.

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Wonder of the Day #1906

Why Do Atoms Form Molecules?


Meet a chemist -Cleveland Public Library Brooklyn Branch in Cleveland has been fortunate to have Dan Scheiman, a chemist at NASA Glenn Research Center visit our library every year!

Big Idea

Chemistry is everywhere - understand how elements interact in our world.

Before the afterschool visit with Dan Scheiman- create a Chemistry Week book display. This year the theme is Chemistry is Out of This World.

Will read The Stuff of Stars by Marion Dane Bauer and illustrated by Ekua Holmes. Very poetic verse and imagery:

The Stuff of Stars

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#1906 Why Do Atoms form Molecules?
#2750 What is on the Periodic Table

Here is an archive of American Chemical Society programs.

Distribute the American Chemistry Society - Chemistry is Out of This World booklet.